The 3 Biggest Myths about Soundproof Windows

New Energy efficient windows are better for Noise reduction

Sound and heat waves travel differently.  A new replacement window designed for energy efficiency is generally not better for sound reduction and in many cases is worse.  Thermal windows are made with thin glass and a very small airspace.  A specially designed window made with a dense acoustical laminate and providing a large air space is required for significant noise reduction.  The bquiet Soundproof Window is exactly this.

I need to replace my existing windows to get better sound reduction

It is not necessary and not good for the environment to replace your existing thermal windows if they are still in good condition just to improve your noise reduction.  The best solution is to add a second window on the inside of your existing window.  The bquiet Soundproof Window is exclusively designed to be installed inside your existing window to provide maximum sound reduction.  As a secondary benefit, it will also improve the energy efficiency.


All Sound Proof windows are created equal

There is only 1 true Sound Proof Window manufactured in Canada.  Many windows claim to have sound reducing qualities but they only reduce noise by a fraction of the amount that a bquiet Soundproof window does.  The bquiet Soundproof window system was scientifically developed with the same technology used in music studios and sound rooms.


Sound reduction is a specialized science that most window and door companies do not have the resources for.  The window industry is focused on energy efficiency and not noise reduction.  In Canada, only bquiet Soundproof Windows are designed and manufactured specifically for maximum noise reduction.  Contact us now to speak with a Sound Consultant who will provide you proven solutions for your noise issues.