A Real complete solution

We live in a time where new catch phrases pop up all the time to describe products.  Often they are catchy but not accurate. We stay away from these, and let our product whisper for itself.

Our bquiet windows reduce unwanted exterior noise using proven scientific principles. Reducing noise and blocking noise requires density, space, and absorption. Using acoustical laminated glass, aluminum frames, rubber seals, and gaskets placed in openings with acoustical foam tape we succeeded in the scientific process of reducing noise. The amount of noise reduced by bquiet Soundproof windows far exceeds other noise reducing products mainly because the others only apply part of the scientific process and not all of it.  Our bquiet windows have been scientifically tested for noise reduction.

Our windows fit snugly and are constructed with tight tolerances using our laminated glass that is over 6.5mm thick. This creates more efficiency and airtightness providing an added level of comfort while also reducing heating / cooling costs. Adding bquiet windows is better for sound reduction than replacing your windows with high-performance windows.  This extra benefit addresses the growing concern of efficiency and sustainability. Imagine walking into a room with bquiet windows, you immediately notice the silence, you then also feel the comfort. This is definitely an added benefit.

Sometimes we describe our acoustical laminate glass like “car windshield glass” but in actual fact, our acoustical glass is even thicker than car windshield glass. We also describe it as almost unbreakable and difficult to penetrate through. This added security is another extra benefit of our windows.

Amazing noise reduction, added efficiency, airtightness, and safety glass.  All this makes our bquiet windows a real complete solution.

Contact us now to see how we can help make your place quieter, warmer, and safer.