Anne-Marie from Montreal

I live in Little Italy on Clark Street. It's extremely noisy with heavy traffic preventing us from sleeping every morning. After evaluating several options for soundproofing windows (double or triple glazing, bquiet, other product), my choice was Bquiet. The price is twice as high but the result is incredible! The service from my first call to the installation was attentive and personalized. Every dollar is worth it! I was apprehensive at the start as I didn't see a lot of comments from Montreal but Anthony and Ernie explained everything to me. No need for union authorization since the structure does not touch the original window. The result is clean and every morning we are surprised by hearing hardly anything. Before, it went up to 65 decibels and now probably around 40. I highly recommend this investment, the product is of quality and the investment for you and for the value of your home is certainly worth it!

Mark Berber, MD

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep As a physician and psychiatrist, I am especially aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity, and emotional well-being. After a good night's sleep, you feel better, your thoughts are clearer, and your emotions are less fragile. Without adequate sleep, judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information are weakened. Chronic sleep deprivation may lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. One of the most important requirements for a good night’s sleep is a quiet environment. Unfortunately, in busy and congested urban areas, extraneous traffic noise often destroys the tranquility of our bedrooms. When faced with such a noisy challenge, my research on sound-proofing quickly led me to Encore Windows and their bQuiet product line. The knowledgeable, caring and attentive staff at Encore delivered windows that were aesthetically pleasing, professionally installed and dramatically effective. The bedroom is now quiet, serene and a wonderful place to fall asleep. I highly recommend Encore and their bQuiet windows. Sincerely,

Tim in Toronto

Recently, the TTC threw a big old curve to our neighbourhood with a new track to turn its streetcars in the East end of town. The screeching and clunky-clunk-clunk from the new bend turned life upside down in our previously quiet part of town. That was until Encore arrived on the scene. The quiet has returned thanks to Mike and his problem-free, reliable crew. I highly recommend the Bquiet windows to shut out unwanted noise pollution.

E. from Toronto

The sound reduction is awesome. I am super happy. Feel like a million bucks. Thanks.

Noemi from Toronto

I am sitting by the soundproof windows right now. I cannot hear the annoying traffic the Art Barns regularly attract across the street from me. Finally, I have opened my blinds for the first time in 5 years and the vista of looking over the St Clair hill is lovely! Thank you for brining light into my room and for letting me enjoy my windows and bedroom. I am very happy with the process and the results.

Nick in Mississauga

My bedroom window fronts on a very busy street with a bus route. Every 20 minutes you could hear the bus stop and leave, the sound could be heard right to the back of the house. After we installed the bquiet soundproof window all "NOISE HAS STOPPED". The quality is superior and I was actually thinking of selling my house due to the noise. The window works and it stops sound dead in its tracks. The finish is perfect.

M. from Toronto

We live on a busy road next door to a commercial property (restaurant with outdoor patio). The level of noise in our home made it very difficult to sleep at night and to work during the day. We ended up replacing the windows facing the commercial property as well as adding soundproof windows on top of our existing windows in the bedroom, office, and dining room. The difference was immediately noticeable. As we learned and are now experiencing, soundproof windows do not completely eliminate noise but they take the edge off loud noise and provide an excellent buffer. The sound level is greatly reduced - our home feels like home again.

Paul in Toronto

I have had trouble sleeping over the past two years as I live on Bay Street. Cars, ambulances, motor cycles go all night long. I saw bquiet windows at a house that I recently sold and was spellbound. Yes... they are very expensive. I no longer sleep with a white noise machine. They colour matched the existing frames. The building manager was very impressed with the work as well. I would highly recommend them.

Devan in Toronto

Having recently purchased a home in Toronto, we were discouraged to learn that noise from passing buses on our otherwise fairly quiet street was much worse and obtrusive than originally thought.
After some initial scrambling, we began to look into options to address the situation. We came across marketing and reviews for bquiet soundproof window systems, and got in touch with one of their representatives. He visited our home that same week, and we quickly determined that the front ground floor window and door were the worst contributors, as well as the front bedroom window. Bquiet provided a number of options for addressing these and other windows in the house, and we were able to visit their offices to see demonstrations of the windows.
While the estimates were fair for the scope of the work, they were not inexpensive and we were not certain that the technology would help. We decided to replace the front window with a new double-pane window (replacing the existing double-pane garden window) and a bquiet soundproof window, as well as the old panel door with glass insert with a new windowless steel door and aluminum door.
The manufacturing of the windows and doors took about 8 weeks, and installation was on schedule and completed within the 2 day period indicated. The first time we visited the house after the soundproof window was installed, we weren't impressed - we were AMAZED!
Despite our initial concerns, the bquiet window is worth every penny, and significantly exceeded our expectations. Regular motor traffic is inaudible, and a passing bus that previously drowned out conversations in the living room is little more than a muted background noise. I can comfortably read without distraction in a front room and hardly notice!
The bquiet windows and new doors from Monarch were among the best value for money investments we made during our renovation, and we're planning to similarly improve another window early in the New Year.

Mark in Toronto

Keen to expand our living space as we moved into the family formation phase of life, my wife and I bought a nice townhouse in downtown Toronto. While we knew it was on a busy street, I didn't know that it would impact me as much as it did after the first few minutes of moving in (I actually thought we bought a lemon and would lose all of the equity we had in our place when we have to sell, which I wanted to a few weeks after moving in).
After researching all the sound proofing options in the world, I stumbled across bquiet windows and subsequently got in touch with them. We took many of hours over the course of a few weeks to chat via phone and email and then eventually visit to discuss options to reduce noise within our house. I cannot say enough good things about bquiet; their technical knowledge is at an expert level.
We ordered two bquiet windows and one bquiet door for an upper level patio. Installation was efficient and clean. The end result: I now sleep like a baby. These windows work great and eliminate all sharp noise (not all noise), but have restored the peace I was looking for. They are expensive, but they are an investment in both reduced heat loss and peace and quiet.
Next phase will be some new sound proof picture windows and will look to get a few more windows done with the bquiet solution.

JS in Montreal

The window's work great. I measured the decibel decrease with a nifty little application for my iPad. Essentially, I have measured a 15 db decrease from the original value. Put it simply the physics work and your product delivers on the theory. I am a very happy customer... I don’t wake up a 5 am anymore... And can take a nap even in the rush hour... I will contact you in a couple of weeks to schedule the installation of the other windows.

Lisa in Toronto

bquiet installed sound proof windows in our bedroom that look neat and cut out undesirable noise. I have bionic hearing and I hear nothing! Windows look great and no mess left behind from installation. In fact, this company on its own initiative a few days after installation, contacted my husband to inform him that they had remade a panel of the window that they wished to reinstall immediately. Most likely the installer at the time judged that this panel did not fit adequately and communicated this back to the company and ensured the quality by sending someone back to finish the job to perfection! Very professional and trustworthy! The product also looks and works to perfection! Thank you bquiet for making the experience hassle free and satisfying a very scrutinizing client with an excellent product!

Dan on Bloor Street

The master bedroom in my condo faces Bloor Street East. Traffic noise, pedestrians talking and sirens from ambulances and fire engines bothered me at night. In another property, I had tried using Plexiglas for soundproofing but did not find it effective at reducing the noise. An Internet search led me to bquiet. From start to finish, I was impressed by the professionalism displayed by the staff. They really strive to do a perfect job. The soundproof windows look great (actually you don’t really notice them, which is the idea). They were installed almost two weeks ago and they work. Traffic and pedestrian noise have disappeared. Sirens can still be heard but seem less close. Strangely enough, so far I have noticed them only during the day and not at night. I am sure they are still sirens every night on Bloor Street near the fire hall just east of Sherbourne. Probably because my sleep is deeper I have not heard them. Thank you, bquiet!

Robert in Toronto

I ordered my soundproof window with the expectation that it would be done within 8 weeks but it turned out to be well worth the wait and the expense! My partner and I immediately noticed a huge reduction in the noise associated with streetcars making a short turn around our building. Although we can still detect the sound of the streetcars (and louder vehicles like trucks), it’s now at a volume that we can easily adjust to. Previously we’d been disturbed by the streetcars every night, despite living in our place for almost 6 months! We’ve had the window now for several months, but I’d forgotten to write a review. I remembered to do this just the other day when due to a cough and the fact that my partner had an exam the following day, I decided to help her get a good night’s rest by sleeping on the sofa in the living room... I was immediately reminded of the noise we used to cope with nightly. (We only have the soundproofing installed in the bedroom.) Although the street noise seems almost pleasant to live with in our living room during the day, it still made it just as difficult as ever to get a good night’s rest. I also realized that the most significant benefit we’ve had from the window is that when the street noise is low outside, it’s utterly silent in the bedroom; there’s something to be said for that… Lastly, the window in our bedroom where bquiet installed the additional soundproof window is about ten feet high and eight feet wide. It was installed in six sections that look quite nice and match the outer window perfectly. The guys even put our curtains back up for us!

E. in Montreal

While the windows in my downtown Montreal apartment are solid, they were not up to the task of blocking the sound of the loud emergency vehicle sirens which operate 24 hours/day, interfering with sleep, music, conversation, and peace of mind. I knew soundproof windows could bring quiet, but assumed it would be a big project. My bquiet soundproof windows were installed in a few hours. No mess. And they work beautifully. The only regret I have is that I waited so long to decide.

H. from Montreal

Our thanks to all. From our first meeting, right through to the installation of our soundproof windows, your company exceeded our expectations! The windows look wonderful and, better still, they work! We didn't actually know anyone who had used this product - and at first couldn't visualize how the interior windows would work - or look in our home. We shouldn't have worried because basically you just don't see them - they are high quality attractive windows - that are so well matched to our exterior windows, that they simply improved the look of our windows from the inside. So, 10 out of 10 for both looks and performance - not to mention 10 out of 10 for customer service.

T. from Whitby

I just wanted to thank you for installing the soundproof windows and storm door in my house. The windows and the door have significantly reduced the traffic noise in the house, especially in my study. I actually feel like I live in a home again! Before, it used to feel like I lived on the street with all the traffic noise of cars and trucks. Now there is peace and quiet and I can live and work in my home. Thanks once again and I will definitely recommend your products to others I know of who live in high-traffic / noisy neighbourhoods.

A. from Markham

My husband and I purchased what was to be our dream home. However, after moving in we quickly noticed how loud the traffic noise was, especially in our master bedroom and ensuite. We back onto a major traffic intersection, where we are exposed to the constant hum of the cars, plus the booming engines of trucks and buses were very annoying and often woke us in the very early morning hours. We contacted Dave, who was very professional, informative and answered all of our questions about soundproof windows thoroughly and honestly. Installation was done by their installer who also answered all of our questions, and was very professional and surprisingly quick. The sound difference was noticeable right away; we could hear our television without having to raise the volume really high. The first night was even strange because we weren't used to such a peaceful and quiet environment. We can now fully enjoy our master bedroom in our dream home!

J. from East York

We are very happy with the soundproof windows - they have dramatically reduced noise from a nearby highway.

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