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Our bquiet windows substantially reduce noise, they are specially designed to do so. Our bquiet windows incorporate acoustical laminate glass. Extruded aluminum frames and various seals used around the glass and frame to insure a good tight fit. They are not an existing window that was modified, they were designed from the ground up. They have been laboratory tested; the results are available on request.

Our first bquiet window was installed in a bedroom in Toronto overlooking a busy street.  Most windows are installed to quiet traffic noise, barking dogs, noisy air conditioners, loud neighbors, and loud gathering places.  Then came the sound studios, here we used multi-layers of bquiet windows to match the sound reduction in the studio walls. Our bquiet windows have been installed in laboratories where noise reduction benefits research. Our windows have also been installed in medical offices, ensuring better privacy and better comfort. Bquiet windows are also used in factories protecting workers from dangerous noise levels.

Admittedly back in 2009 when we started, the belief was that the vast majority of our business would be all in the GTA and for traffic noise. We then started receiving calls from out of province. First it was

Quebec mostly in Montreal, we have windows in Laval as well. Then came Alberta; Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat. Around the same time the calls came in from British Columbia, Vancouver, Surrey, Kamloops, and Chilliwack. In 2020 we supplied our bquiet windows to Dartmouth Nova scotia and then Halifax.

Our windows are now reducing noise across Canada, across 6 time zones. We are now coast to coast and completely made in Canada.

So, whether you are in Vancouver British Columbia living on a busy street or you happen to be in St. John’s Newfoundland, and not sleeping because of a bar nearby, or there’s a noisy air conditioner affecting you in Calgary Alberta, there’s a real solution available that is a call or email away.

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