bquiet soundproof windowsbquiet Windows is the result of a commitment by 3 entrepreneurs to provide homeowners and businesses with a healthy level of noise and sound reduction. After years of importing and modifying existing window and door products, it came time to produce a completely Canadian-made window for soundproofing. Leading engineers and manufacturers were approached, and a production team was assembled to manufacture bquiet windows.

bquiet Windows manufactures windows and doors designed to significantly reduce the constantly increasing noise found in Canada’s urban communities. They can be installed in any window opening and will open just like your existing windows. This makes them ideal for all condominiums and homes. bquiet windows work well with both newer and older windows. Reducing noise by a mere 20-30% like regular windows is not what bquiet windows are about. Our windows are designed to use the proven scientific method of maximizing density and space to reduce noise by 65-95%.

Significantly Reduce Noise

Increase Property Value

Improve Quality of Life

Increase Efficiency

Provide an Effective Sound Wall

Existing Windows Remain Unaltered


At bquiet Windows, we have been in the fenestration business for decades. We have researched and accumulated a vast amount of information regarding sound and its behaviour. As a result, we know what’s required to reduce it to a “quiet” level. Our goal is to continue researching sound reduction and to implement solutions that are fully functional in all applications. This is our commitment and it’s what sets us apart.

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