6 Simple Ways to Reduce Unwanted Noise in Your Bedroom

  1. Seal the gap under the door: Noise can easily travel through the gap under your bedroom door, noise will easily travel in and out through this large gap.  Close the gap by adding weatherstripping to the bottom of the door.
  2. Upgrade your bedroom door: Replacing a lightweight interior door with a heavy-duty, soundproofing door will significantly improve. A more substantial door can help block noise that keeps you awake all night.
  3. Install acoustic panels: For serious interior noises, acoustic ceiling and wall panels will help eliminate echoes and absorb noises from other rooms in the house.
  4. Rearrange the room: Sometimes a simple solution is rearranging the furniture to absorb sound and prevent it from hitting your ears. One effective method for blocking noise is to move a heavy dresser or bookcase to an outside-facing wall or to a wall that backs the hallway where the noise is coming from.
  5. Select another room: If possible, you can change your bedroom to another room in a quieter area of the home.  This is not always an option but worth considering before trying more costly options.
  6. Add Soundproof Windows: When you add a soundproof window to your existing window, you get a two-for-one: an improved energy efficient window and an effective way to block the noise of traffic, sirens, and street noise.  Generally, the outside noise causes the most problems so adding bquiet Soundproof Windows will provide the greatest improvements to your sound issues.
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