Where is all this noise coming from?

The first step in reducing unwanted noise is finding out where it is coming from.  You can spend thousands of dollars to hire a sound engineer to do a complete test of your entire home.  Alternatively, you can try some simple steps yourself first.  Stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed and quietly listen.  Do this facing all 4 walls.  You should get an idea of where the worst noise is coming from just by doing this.

You can also purchase a sound meter and quietly walk around the room noting where the noise levels are the highest. Many cell phones today also have apps you can download and use as sound meters. After trying a few of these steps you should have a general idea of where the noise is coming from.  In most tests, the number 1 source of noise leaking into the house or condo is from the windows and/or doors.

Secondary sources of noise generally include vents, roofs, floors, and walls. When addressing noise reduction, you will achieve the best results by dealing with the primary source. Starting with the secondary sources will be more costly and give you very little noise reduction.    Since windows or doors are the primary source of unwanted noise this is the best place to start when looking at noise reduction.

The best option for you to reduce your unwanted noise is bquiet Soundproof Windows and Doors.  These are units installed on the inside of your existing windows and doors.  This is much more effective and less costly than replacement windows and doors. The process is a lot cleaner with no mess to clean up. It is also the Greener option with no waste for our overcrowded landfills.  If you have a noise problem, contact us now and find out how we can help you turn down the volume in your home, condo, or office.