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Caution! Bquiet Soundproof Windows May Cause Drowsiness

Amidst the surge in urban expansion and construction projects across Canada, the issue of noise pollution has become increasingly prominent. Many Canadians are calling for greater responsibility from builders to address this challenge. Presently, most builders only meet the bare minimum noise reduction requirements. Without substantial government intervention, noise pollution will persist, impacting millions daily, [...]
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Serving All of Canada Coast to Coast

Our bquiet windows substantially reduce noise, they are specially designed to do so. Our bquiet windows incorporate acoustical laminate glass. Extruded aluminum frames and various seals used around the glass and frame to insure a good tight fit. They are not an existing window that was modified, they were designed from the ground up. They [...]
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Effects of Noise Pollution

Have you noticed the world is getting noisier? Well, if you live in Toronto, you are not alone. Many worldwide noise experts have Toronto listed as one of the top 10 cities in the world with the most noise pollution. Exposure to loud constant noise can cause actual ear damage like tinnitus or deafness. In [...]
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Where is all this noise coming from?

The first step in reducing unwanted noise is finding out where it is coming from.  You can spend thousands of dollars to hire a sound engineer to do a complete test of your entire home.  Alternatively, you can try some simple steps yourself first.  Stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed [...]
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The 3 Biggest Myths about Soundproof Windows

New Energy efficient windows are better for Noise reduction Sound and heat waves travel differently.  A new replacement window designed for energy efficiency is generally not better for sound reduction and in many cases is worse.  Thermal windows are made with thin glass and a very small airspace.  A specially designed window made with a [...]
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A Real complete solution

We live in a time where new catch phrases pop up all the time to describe products.  Often they are catchy but not accurate. We stay away from these, and let our product whisper for itself. Our bquiet windows reduce unwanted exterior noise using proven scientific principles. Reducing noise and blocking noise requires density, space, [...]
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