Effects of Noise Pollution

Have you noticed the world is getting noisier? Well, if you live in Toronto, you are not alone. Many worldwide noise experts have Toronto listed as one of the top 10 cities in the world with the most noise pollution.

Exposure to loud constant noise can cause actual ear damage like tinnitus or deafness. In addition to this, constant exposure to unwanted loud noise can cause many other health issues both physical and psychological.  Physical issues include respiratory agitation, high blood pressure, and painful headaches.  These are common ailments that many people suffer from not knowing may have been caused simply by their noisy environment.

Psychological issues caused by constant noise can include stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.  Nighttime noise can also cause sleep disorders which can lead to behavioural problems. Many people wake up irritable after a bad night’s sleep and suffer the entire day.  These common symptoms are being documented by doctors all over the Toronto GTA region to be rising at alarming rates.

If this is not alarming enough, many people subjected to constant noise will also suffer from concentration issues and even memory loss if it goes on too long.  Young children are very susceptible to this. How do we protect ourselves from all this unwanted noise and resulting health issues. Governments are beginning to implement control measures to reduce unhealthy noise levels in our cities but they are decades away before they will make an impact on our society.

 People have 2 options today, either move to a quieter area or invest to make their environment quieter.  The first step to a quieter home or office is to address the noise coming from the windows.  The windows are usually the weakest link in keeping unwanted noise out.  Bquiet windows are specifically designed and proven to reduce unwanted noise.  If you want to protect yourself from all these possible health issues contact us now and find out how we can help make your life quieter and healthier.