Soundproofing your home is more important today than it ever has been?

The Toronto GTA population density is rising steadily. There are many more people, cars, buses, businesses, etc. in a confined area. This means more noise starting earlier in the morning and ending much later at night. Depending on where you live you could say noise is 24 / 7, 365 days a year.

Unwanted noise leads to a lack of sleep and interrupted sleep. This has been proven to have a negative effect on both mental and physical health, potentially causing severe problems.

Since the pandemic, more people are now also working from home. Outside noise can be very distracting, significantly reducing your productivity. This costs both you and your company time and money.

Often keeping sound from going out is just as important as keeping it from coming in. Privacy laws and regulations are much more important today than in the past.  Protecting your privacy during discussions and meetings is just as important as protecting your privacy on-line. Keeping your information confidential is essential.  This is true for both business and personal information.

Everyone knows stress is a leading cause of health issues.  Not dealing with your noise problems can highly elevate your stress.  Many companies today will help employees retrofit their home offices to provide a better work environment and increase productivity.  Check with your employer if you are experiencing unwanted noise problems.

In today’s world, Soundproof windows are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.  Contact us now for a noise assessment of your home or office and see what a difference peace and quiet can make in your life.