Will my condominium board allow me to install bquiet Soundproof windows?

Acoustical Laminated Glass is the best choice for maximum soundproofing

Absolutely! And that’s because they are installed on the inside. Bquiet windows are installed on the interior wall jamb just like window coverings.  They are not attached to the main windows.  They do not compromise or interfere with the existing windows at all.  There’s no need to remove or replace your existing windows. They in fact act as a second layer of protection significantly reducing unwanted noise while also helping with the heating and cooling.

Bquiet windows are individually custom fabricated to match the existing windows making them virtually invisible at first glance both from the inside and outside.  They are available in many colours to match the existing interior windows. Bquiet soundproof windows can easily be removed or built to be fully operational, allowing for easy cleaning, and not impeding the functioning of your existing windows.

When installing for the first time in a building, we may submit an outline of the windows we are adding simply as a procedure to some boards.  Once the first unit has bquiet windows installed and inspected the condo board and unit owners are very happy to have bquiet windows installed throughout the entire condo.

Although most condos are built in central, busy, and noisy areas of the city, they are not built with sound reducing windows.  Many first-time buyers are surprised to discover after moving in, that only basic thermal windows are installed in the unit and the noise is unbearable.

Once bquiet windows are installed the value of your condo will skyrocket compared to your neighbors’ as you enjoy all the benefits of a great central location without the noise problems they have to endure. Prospective buyers will gladly pay a premium for your quiet, comfortable condo when comparing it to the loud, noisier alternatives.