Why are bquiet soundproof windows better than triple glazed windows for noise reduction

Acoustical Laminated Glass is the best choice for maximum soundproofing

The most important factors in noise reduction are space and density.  The greater the space and the density the better the noise reduction. When shopping for windows, only bquiet Soundproof Windows maximize both.


Thicker glass is much better for noise reduction.  Bquiet laminated glass is approx. 7mm thick compared to just 3mm for a standard triple glazed window. That’s more than double for superior sound reduction.


A larger space between the panes of glass provides better acoustic performance.  Bquiet windows are generally installed 3-4 inches away from the existing windows, compared to triple pane windows with only ¼ – ½ inch gap between the glass.   That’s up to 6-10 times greater space with bquiet windows.  A big reason why bquiet windows are much better for noise reduction.


Laminated glass has an invisible layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between two panes of glass that provides excellent sound reduction by dampening soundwaves.  Bquiet windows are fabricated with a specifically designed acoustical laminate for maximum sound reduction while triple glazed windows are generally made with plain 3mm glass and typically do not have any laminate at all.

Triple glazed windows are very good for energy efficiency but not for sound reduction because heat and sound waves act differently.  If noise reduction is your primary goal, bquiet Soundproof Windows are your best solution.