The origin of the bquiet Soundproof Windows

bquiet blogWe have been in the window and door replacement industry for over 30 years. About 15 years ago we discovered one problem that kept persisting on many window replacement projects. Home owners were complaining that their new windows were much nosier than the old windows. The old windows being removed were made of wood or aluminum with only single panes of glass… How could a new energy efficient vinyl window with a double-glazed sealed unit be allowing more noise to enter the home?


After extensive research we concluded that many of the old wood and aluminum windows had a storm window on the outside with thicker glass. Home owners had previously added this storm window to protect their wood windows against the elements or to increase the thermal properties. This would remove the annual maintenance the wood windows required. What no one noticed is that this second window also created an air pocket that allowed sound waves to disperse.


Soundproof Windows Canada along with leading Engineers designed a product similar to that storm window. It is the bquiet Soundproof Window and is installed inside of the home, condo, or office. The bquiet window is much more advanced and sophisticated and it allows customers to achieve the sound reduction needs they require.


Since opening in 2009 Soundproof Windows Canada has been able to effectively reduce noise that is transmitted through windows and doors. Tests have shown that by adding our bquiet windows to your home, condo, or office windows; we can reduce the noise by up to 60-80% depending on individual circumstances. With urban sprawl and living developments reaching record highs across Canada we are certain soundproofing needs will also continue to grow and we are here to help.