Intensification…What is It?

As you travel in and around the Toronto GTA in the last decade, have you noticed subdivisions that weren’t there a year prior? New residences in areas that you thought were previously zoned industrial or parkland. Have you noticed that sidewalks have shrunk; some new houses are  only a few feet from the street.

What about all the cranes in the air? You have noticed all the new condominiums’ being built. House lots where a single dwelling existed are being converted to multi town houses and row houses; sometimes as many as 10 new dwellings on a single lot. Renovations that turn single homes into multi occupancy units.  What is going on?

It’s called intensification and it’s a policy put forth by the Ontario provincial government over a decade ago.

It allows us to live closer to work, closer to shopping, and closer to our community. It promotes using transit, walking and basically relying less on a car. It’s a wonderful thing; imagine you can go to work with transit and walk to all your shops and all your amenities close by.

It all sounds good! Correct?

Well what about the increase in noise? Yes closer also means noisier, a desirable location often times equals a noisy environment. With a noisy environment also comes a lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels.

Our bquiet Soundproof Windows are the solution; Now you can live anywhere in the heart of the city without the unwanted noise it produces.  For most of the last decade we have been soundproofing Toronto GTA as it intensifies.

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