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Caution! bquiet soundproof windows may cause drowsiness

With urban sprawl and building developments reaching an all-time high in Canada. There has been a major need for noise solutions. Many Canadians are hoping that builders take more accountability to combat the noise pollution when developing and planning for a new build. Unfortunately for home and condo owners most builders only meet the minimum […]

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The origin of the bquiet Soundproof Windows

We have been in the window and door replacement industry for over 30 years. About 15 years ago we discovered one problem that kept persisting on many window replacement projects. Home owners were complaining that their new windows were much nosier than the old windows. The old windows being removed were made of wood or […]

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Intensification…What is It?

As you travel in and around the Toronto GTA in the last decade, have you noticed subdivisions that weren’t there a year prior? New residences in areas that you thought were previously zoned industrial or parkland. Have you noticed that sidewalks have shrunk; some new houses are  only a few feet from the street. What […]

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Understanding Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is defined as human-created noise harmful to our health and welfare. Transportation vehicles are the worst offenders. Airplanes, trains, trucks, buses and cars, all continuously produce excessive noise. There are also many secondary sources of City noise. Due to the rapid and massive growth of our cities, we are consistently being bombarded by […]

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Soundproofing Public and Private Spaces

There are various reasons that you might find yourself considering soundproofing, either for your home or place of work. Commercial spaces and environments used by the general public often experience sound issues that, if not deal with, can be detrimental in ways you might not expect. By the same token, if you are experiencing noise […]

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